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Welcome to Tennis Club

Tennis Club is a part of a modern sports centre  Elite Sport Club. Sports centre is situated in Mierzyn, lying on the outskirts of Szczecin. The name of our centre has obliged us to ensure our Clients the highest comfort as well as best conditions for playing tennis, both for beginners and advanced players.


We invite you to utilize two modern, full-dimensioned tennis courts with a surface of clay powder. The courts are covered by a hall made of aluminium structure of 9 meters height. The hall sides of 6 meters height are made of transparent foil  [ removed for summer season ] providing a comfort of play by natural daylight. The halls are also equipped with the newest generation antiglare halogen lighting, arranged beyond the side lines of courts, with light intensity 600 Lux. Additional comfort of playing is provided by automatic court spraying system  In winter season full comfort of playing will be ensured by a modern hall heating system.




For all Club members modern subsidiaries are prepared such as:


  • changing rooms with showers
  • club cafe
  • multi-media teaching room
  • room for general development exercises
  • physiotherapy and fitness rooms
  • monitored parking lot
  • free hotspot


Our Motto: Tennis is a hobby for the whole family.




Tennis Club Offer



Meeting expectations of all fans of tennis and active rest, our Club programme includes:



  • children's tennis school [lessons for children from age of 4 years]
  • tennis schools
  • individual trainings
  • sport section for record-seeking players
  • full year's challenger for women and men
  • cyclic recreation tournaments
  • tennis picnics for firms and organized groups






How to enroll?


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